Well done.
Didn't get our free PT of pork fried rice in our order, it was missing.
Chinese takeout food is what it is; very quickly prepared food that’s relatively inexpensive. So, I am not giving four stars based on the high quality of the food, but rather in comparison to other Chinese takeout restaurants. Let me list some of the pros and cons. The food was prepared very quickly, you can request brown rice instead of white rice at no extra charge, and they offer the free eggroll with a $15 purchase whether you use credit or cash. Those are the pros. However, we had to make a second trip back because when we requested the brown rice they accidentally gave us the white rice. On another order they substituted another vegetable that we both dislike for the baby corn that I love that was supposed to be in the dish. If you know how to make Thai food, or you enjoy good quality Thai, this is NOT the place to order Thai food. I regularly make Pad Thai from scratch, and we absolutely love it! However, when I was sick my husband decided to order takeout, and since he knows how much I love Pad Thai at home, he ordered it from the restaurant. I honestly can’t even believe they can get away with calling that Pad Thai. It tasted like a bunch of noodles drenched in sugary sweet sweet-and-sour sauce that is bright red colored that usually you dip sweet-and-sour chicken tenders in. It was so nasty, neither one of us enjoyed it and we ended up throwing out what we didn’t finish. We rarely order takeout food, but when we are sick or overly tired and we don’t have much in the house, that’s when we resort to eating take-out. Overall it’s not a bad Chinese takeout restaurant, but I would recommend making sure that you check all of the items you ordered when you go to pick it up to make sure that nothing got substituted or missed.
The food was good, but I was offered to free egg rolls online due to the amount of my order, which I didn't receive.
Food was just ok. No free soda included. Delivery was late also. Delivery was promised at 12:56pm yet food arrived at almost 1:30pm.
The Thai chicken basil was delicious as well as the Thai shrimp fried rice. Good food!
Food here is always good. However initial delivery missed the special instructions and coupon special from and had to send it back to get it corrected.
The young man who delivered the food was very nice and respectful. The time in which the lunch arrived was perfect.
Food was good, but they forgot the free soda!
S2 Lake Tung Ting Shrimp was not as described on the online menu. The online menu says it has baby corn, but there was not a single piece of baby corn. When I looked at the paper menu (that was in the bag when we picked up the order) I noticed that that same dish lists carrots, but not baby corn. So the online description is incorrect. I wish it actually had baby corn. Also, it has lots of celery, so if you are not a celery fan you'll have to ask them not to add it. Otherwise it was decent.
All very tasty. Only wish the Singapore Mei Fun had more curry.
This was our second time ordering from Xin China Garden and the food was very good both times!
Food tastes absolutely amazing but I always have to wait too long just for the food to arrive. I ordered my food at 11:09 and it arrived at 12:20. Always have at least a 40 minute wait each time.
Everything as expected, what a great service
Free Qt of Fried Rice was NOT delivered.
Food is always good. Usually very fast. Took an hour and fifteen minutes last night...
I ordered NO GREEN PEPPERS in any dish. Combo platter had 2 big chunks of it. Delivery person tore off the credit card receipt and told me I had to pay cash. I told her I had paid by credit card and showed her where it said 'prepaid' on order sheet. Fried rice was only very slightly fried
Been using the ordering app a few times - this was the first time I went to go an pick up my food and they said they had not checked it, so we had to wait 20 minutes for the order. However.... food is always awesome!
I could tell the food was freshly cooked and tasted great, but our office waited a little over an hr for our food to arrive. We will order again and early in hopes that food will arrive in 30 mins like it was stated over the phone. The shrimp with cashew nuts had a good amount of shrimp which is great especially for a lunch special price; crab rangoons were delicious and just the right amount of crisp.
Delicious.....chicken is white meat and very flavorful. Best beef and broccoli Ive ever had.
Any questions please call us.